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[Solved] How to add more than 8 GPUs in Windows 10 [Step-by-step][FIX]

Until last week it was impossible to install more than 8 GPUs (graphic cards / video cards) from the same manufacturer (ATI or Nvidia) in Windows 10.

<!> With this tutorial you can add 12 ATI GPUs (video cards) on one motherboard with Windows 10 as the OS. 

How to do it? (Tested with 10 X ATI Radeon RX 580 4/8GB)

  1. Uninstall your ATI Drivers (using the latest version of DDU – from here)
  2. Install Crimson Driver 17.10.3 (download & release notes here)
  3. Reboot the computer
  4. Go to Start / AMD Settings:

  5. Now go to Gaming / Global Settings / and for each GPU change the GPU Workload to “Compute”:

  6. Start the mining software: 
  7. Enjoy!