[Solved] How to add more than 8 GPUs in Windows 10 [Step-by-step][FIX]

Until last week it was impossible to install more than 8 GPUs (graphic cards / video cards) from the same manufacturer (ATI or Nvidia) in Windows 10.

<!> With this tutorial you can add 12 ATI GPUs (video cards) on one motherboard with Windows 10 as the OS. 

How to do it? (Tested with 10 X ATI Radeon RX 580 4/8GB)

  1. Uninstall your ATI Drivers (using the latest version of DDU – from here)
  2. Install Crimson Driver 17.10.3 (download & release notes here)
  3. Reboot the computer
  4. Go to Start / AMD Settings:

  5. Now go to Gaming / Global Settings / and for each GPU change the GPU Workload to “Compute”:

  6. Start the mining software: 
  7. Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “[Solved] How to add more than 8 GPUs in Windows 10 [Step-by-step][FIX]

  1. Hammereditor

    Is the DAG FIX update from AMD included with this solution? Does setting the workload to “compute” like you did turn the DAGFIX on?

    If so, excellent guide! I’ve been struggling to get my ASUS B250 mining expert to boot on a Linux (SMOS) USB drive or SSD. The mining expert I received just doesn’t like Linux. It resets itself right after I force it to load Linux. It only boots on Windows or the Windows installation drive I created.

    If this works, I can use 12 GPU’s on Windows with this board! I don’t have to replace it with two Gigabyte Gaming 7 270’s (or so).

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, the new driver works ok. I have in average 30MH/s per card.
      You should change to a mining motherboard like ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ (you do not need to make any modification it’s just plug & play for 13 cards).
      Or you can also check the new WOW card from ASUS B250 MINING EXPERT (supports 19 cards)

      1. Rewire

        Did you still have to patch the driver to allow for Bios modded cards or have they removed the signature check finally? All of my cards are modded.

  2. kosta

    I’ve tried to do it with RX550 2GB, but and ASRock H110 Pro BTC+, but I coudn’t to run more than 10 GPUs with troubles. Moreover, the system requires very many RAM – 8GB is not enough for 10 cards – is it normal? I have +-stable work with 9 cards on Cryptonight algo (at Claymore). But sometimes some card may disappear and the other system functions run very slow. Don’t know, I plan to try 16GB memory, but it looks so strange

  3. Arvydas

    Solved one problem, created another – how to regulate voltages now? MSI afterburner not working with new drivers

      1. Greedy

        Try to hardcode in claymore voltage values using -cvddc GPUvoltage0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 parameter. I’m not using MSI AB because it likes to set it’s own, default parameters after system crash.

  4. DugTrio

    We have 12 RX570 4GB GPUs with custom BIOS running on Windows on 17.11.4 driver. MBO is ASRock H110 Pro+ and there’s 8 GB DDR4 plugged in. Rig is stable. Do the current drivers support 13 GPUs? One of our risers is faulty so we can’t test it until we get a new one. And thanks for the post man, helped a lot.

    1. Saniyo

      Hello, can you please make your system description. I’m really interested, I cannot launch more than 8 on ASUS Mining expert (which allows up to 19 VCs). Thanks.

    2. DugTrio

      Just an update if anyone would like to know, we have all 13 GPUs doing 380 Mh/s under Windows. Next step would be adding a 14th card via M.2>PCIe adapter, but sadly we are using M.2 SSD so that’s not an option.

    3. Bitcanuck

      Few questions for you:

      1. Did you ever test any of the pci-e 1-4 or 1-3 expander cards?
      Wondering if we can use our existing mining boards.
      Currently we run Gigabyte H110-D3A s with 5 GPU, celeron and 4GB.
      2. Any idea if you need to bump up the CPU to get more resources?
      3. How do you find the stability?
      I also assume you’re running dual power supplies with that many cards.

      1. DugTrio

        1. We did not. However we know that the MBO needs “Above 4G Encoding” enabled. People reported those expenders work for AMD cards, but not for Nvidia. One guy reported he could only get them to work while powering them with primary PSU. Our MBO had everything set up out-of-the-box since it’s intended for mining, however yours might need some additional tinkering.
        2. Also Celeron here, seems to be enough. Double your RAM for more cards.
        3. Rock stable once you find the optimal clock rates for each card. If you experience instability (most notably system freezes) with lower clock rates, you probably have a faulty riser.
        4. Dual HX1200i connected via Add2PSU adapter. First one powering cards 1-6 (and their riser) and everything else, second one powering cards 7-13 (and their riser) and nothing else.
        5. Make sure you have 120+ GB SSD since you’ll need to set virtual memory to minimum of 70 GB for DAG files to work properly (at least in our case with 13 cards).


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