How to upgrade RAM Memory of an ASUS ROG GL552VW

Upgrading/Replacing the ram for the ASUS ROG is quite easy and it only takes a few minutes.

RAM MEMORY: DDR4 2133 PC4-17000
Maximum Supported Memory: 32GB
<!> Required:
A star screwdriver for laptops (I recommend a kit like this
1. For this example I used a 2 X 16GB Corsair Valueselect CL15 DDR4 2133:


2. Turn the laptop upside-down and unscrew these 2:


3. Using a plastic spatel or a flat screwdriver take out the plastic cover:


4. Under the plastic cover you will find the 2 RAM slots:


5.    Mount/replace the RAM. Make sure the metallic sides are in place and the modules are not moving:


6. Mount the plastic cover and put the 2 screws back in place:


7. Enjoy your upgrade!

2 thoughts on “How to upgrade RAM Memory of an ASUS ROG GL552VW

  1. Joe

    Easy to install. But how about changing the setting to be able to use the higher speed if the new memory reads and transfers at a high speed?

    1. admin Post author

      It should be automatic. We are talking about the ram memory, right? Can you give some more details? (Problem, what ROG model you have, etc.)

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