Windows 10 File Explorer crashes | Solved

Recently I saw that many people have issues with the File Explorer from Windows 10.

Symptoms: When you open File Explorer it blocks / crashes / stops responding

How to fix it:

  1. Right click on File Explorer / Open a folder from the history (Example Pictures)
  2. Go to File / Change Folder and search Options 
  3. Un-checkShow recently used files in Quick access” and “Show frequently used folders in Quick Access
  4. Click on Clear 
  5. Click on OK 
  6. Enjoy!

If you still have problems drop a message!


25 thoughts on “Windows 10 File Explorer crashes | Solved

  1. Biagio

    just tried what you mentioned but windows explorer is still not working. It comes up to start to the blue screen but does not open.

  2. Dennis

    First solution I’ve come across that seems to actually work! Thanks! Now I will cross my fingers that it “sticks”. 🙂

  3. Sean Waters

    Genius. Simple, non-invasive, does not require editing your registry or downloading third party software and it actually works. Thank you.

  4. Willy Shum

    Worked! Thank you so much. I guess some file showing up in recently accessed is causing the problem.

  5. Daniel Brady

    This would work if I could open file explorer in the first place. I can’t use this method as my file explorer won’t allow me to open the file tab, defeating the point

    1. Jack Wright

      I had this problem I just put in a flash drive to get explorer to work it was the way I got in.
      Hope this helps

  6. Jack Wright

    This worked like a charm for me running Win 10. The problem just happened without warning, this fix worked for me thanks

  7. Richard Ries

    Wholly unexpected problem that put me on the brink of panic. Completely successful solution that was clearly and concisely presented and easy to implement. Huge thank you!

  8. Joseph Mensch

    Well done…problem solved. I don’t understand why it worked, but that is not important — it just did. The procedure was professionally and accurately presented, and I followed it to the solution with no questions or issues. Many thanks. Joe


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